About Beverley Haines

Beverley is an Artist Illustrator and Designer living in Richmond North Yorkshire. Her work combines a lifelong love of the natural world, its organic forms and textures, with an enquiring and passionate desire to experiment with both digital and traditional media. Her mixed media work is lively and focuses on allowing the viewer to explore the meaning hidden in the world of random mark making using oils, acrylics, inks and pastels to fuse colours and evoke atmosphere.

As an Ambassador for Derwent Pencils Beverley has grown an audience by developing new ways to use traditional art products and while her illustration background gives her the advantage of being able to draw and paint near photo- realistic images, her interest lies in fusing the known and the unknown by introducing random mark making into her artwork through over-printing and layering different media.

She has designed and illustrated four commissioned children’s books and is in the process of completing two of her own children’s tales. With a detailed knowledge of digital design software she is able to produce books, posters, flyers with ease and has experience of the process of self-publishing.

With a background in psychotherapy and mental health Beverley understands the importance of creativity and uses her artistic abilities to facilitate the creative development of others. To this end she started the daily practice of a sketchbook ‘gratitude blog’ in 2012 in which she drew three things she was grateful for every day for a year. She has built an online following through this blog continues to post regularly to it.

Beverley is a qualified teacher trainer with over twenty years’ experience of leading both art and mental wellbeing workshops. She has delivered training lectures at Universities as well as appearing as a guest artist at Art Fairs and clubs throughout the UK.

She prefers to work in oils and soft pastels when working on larger landscapes or natural scenes but also likes to underlayer these paintings with more permanent ink based or digital prints which can show through when the surface layer is erased. This produces evocative and atmospheric works like her Quantum series of large planetary Oil paintings.

Beverley is a versatile and resourceful Artist who is always stretching herself to experiment with new media she also produces craft items such as hand painted nesting doll sets and hand felted animals which can be made to order.