I am an Author, Illustrator, Artist and Psychotherapist !

This year I have given myself the challenge of writing and illustrating a daily gratitude blog! I am doing this because I have a creative but neurotic mind that spends far too much time focusing on the negatives of life. I can easily advise my clients to become ‘mindful’ and focus on the positives, but that does not mean I find it easy myself!

So, to practice what I preach, here is my blog…and did you know that it takes three positive thoughts to cancel out the effects of a negative one?

Here Goes!!!2012 to success and beyond!

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  1. I have just found your blog and being someone who uses creativity to get through periods of depression, I am glad to have found it! I started my own blog for similar reasons and just wanted to post some words of encouragement. Your artwork is beautiful.

    1. Thankyou so much ,that is wonderful! I’m so glad that you like my posts…I am finding the blog a real challenge but it is getting easier every day. It is really hard to stay focused on the positives, but the act of drawing kind of trains the mind in a different way. I have looked at your blog I hope you carry on posting regularly . Dont be afraid to sketch it is the best thing ever…do it for yourself primarily. I dont know if you know the book ‘ The Creative License’ by Danny Gregory it inspired me to do this blog perhaps it will inspire you to get sketching too x Bev

  2. I will look into the book; once my confidence is up I hope to post little pencil sketches I do each day. I am following several blogs and yours which inspire me.
    Many thanks!

    1. That is fantastic! thankyou so much. I am really happy to receive this award and will try to continue to spread the award around…the thing is I am so so busy at the moment it may take me a while to find the people to give some to myself (I love all the people you have listed ) …is there a time limit on these things?
      Once again thanks a million xx

  3. such a sumptuous and beautiful blog. I’ve just started blogging on here so I’m still getting to grips with it, but seeing blogs like this are a real inspiration to continue mine in a similar vein. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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