Month: November 2018

Ttiagratefulft: 26.11.18

This lovely affirmation from Edgar Cayce I found it while looking through my diary today . It is so beautiful . To the point entirely . “ With joy I enter into the activities of the day. Without regret I

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Ttigratefulft: 4.11.18

Antibiotics ! Beginning to work . I have started my next Russian Doll project . It is a set of nesting garden birds . I have made the largest one a Goldfinch because they are so beautiful . My Spike

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Three things I am grateful for today …3.11.18

My vapouriser that is spewing out frankincense and lavender . lavender for relaxation and frankincense for work and concentration. I have a poster to make for my teaching course and I need to buckle down . My new Harley Benton

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