Ttiagratefulft: 21.07.19

    • Pause to capture the intensity of now :
  • What a curse and a blessing a strong imagination is ! On the one hand….
  • I dream about rivers of exquisite experiences with moments of pure joy dotted like islands on the journey .
  • I feel the spaciousness of spirit moving around everything I am touching . Colours are brighter and I can read their language . Moment after moment opens up ahead of me welcoming me to take new steps new choices without fear .
  • I can envision throwing off my feelings of possession like some dirty used armour .
  • I can feel the breath of hope in the breeze moving over me .
  • While on the other hand
  • … there are demons in the water waiting to drag me down out of the surface flow and into the slimy stagnation. There are islands of jeering and mocking monsters disguised as saints and lovers . They are beautiful beyond belief and deadly . I want to stop a while … perhaps forever
  • I feel the void of spirit take hold. Colours claw at me from the palette with a lustful craving to be used .
  • Moment after moment ahead welcoming me to step backwards . Possession clothing me like a fire blanket . . .
  • I feel the breath of hope in the breeze moving over me .
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