Ttiagratefulft: 25.09.21

1. Poorly Hedgehog

Yesterday while bringing Skye home from a trip to the vets (more to come on this later ) I happened upon a small hedgehog who was wobbling down the Lane .There was a woman standing next to it on the phone and I went over to help ( and to see the hedgehog of course ) but the woman walked away still chatting on her phone ……I don’t think she had even noticed it. I scooped it up in Neil’s fleece and phoned the vets who, to my surprise were happy to take it in and check it over. Sadly the little soul died overnight at the vets but they assured me that they had tried everything they could to keep the little one alive. I am grateful for the chance to hold this little soul and grateful to the vets for sorting out Skye this morning and for taking an interest in the lovely hedgehog . Some people do care .

2. South Gare. 3. Scented Candles

At work this week I got the opportunity to visit South Gare in Redcar with our recovery residents. What an atmospheric place. A perfect blend of industrial wilderness and wild open space. Got some fabulous photos .

And now to the smelly candles …..I woke up yesterday to the results of a very sick doggy ! The most disgusting smell hit me as I came out of my bedroom ! Without going into details there was an enormous clean up job to be done before a trip to the vets. She is well now thank goodness ! But let’s just say the smell was lingering ……..

I am grateful to my lovely Neily who brought over two scented candles which seem to be doing the trick …along with copious amounts of washing and floor cleaning.

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