Ttiagratefulft 6.1.19

  • I packed a box this weekend . Just one . But it is the start . I also threw out a ton of paper and cleared some drawers. I have a lot to do but I am starting with what I can achieve now . The start of a shift !
  • I managed to cut my dog ! I mean I trimmed her ridiculous tail ears and feathers !! She was a ridiculous mess . Trouble is … she now looks like an even more ridiculous mess but with less fuzz !!
  • Me …. I am actually grateful for being me ! I love how i am beginning to allow myself to take each moment as it arises and relax enough to let stuff arise . I am really becoming less anxious about what will be and more excited about just being . It’s a constant battle though . X Today I relaxed and realised I wanted to create Soup …. so I did … Spicey Parsnip and celery and tomato ( my own recipes .. made up on spot) ! I also created a less shaggy dog … and a portrait of myself I’m ok with x

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