Ttiagratefulft: 9.1.23

  • I am very grateful for the Neily Bagel, made lovingly by master chef McN ! ….what’s in it? Cheese, garlic sausage, mayo, cream cheese and salad. Delicious.
  • A beautiful clear night tonight . The Pleiades are really visible with Orion chasing them across the sky. The Seven Sisters were daughters of Atlas who were pursued relentlessly by a lascivious Orion. Thankfully Zeus intervened and turned them into stars(or Doves ) so they could get away from him……….. I think id rather be turned into a bear so I could rip his pervie throat out !…..just saying !
    • A little grouping of small holed stones given to me by my stepdad Tom . They are threaded together on a piece of garden twine. They are so lovely to hold and move around . I can just imagine him finding them in the garden and putting them together.

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