Ttiagratefulft: Sunday 1st of January 2023

In 2012 I started my Gratitude sketch blog : “Three Things I am grateful for today “

It was an attempt to stay focused through a difficult time in my life . My energy and commitment to the blog was wicked in the first year and I managed to blog daily , drawing three things things I was grateful for each day (missing a few here and there )

The daily commitment was great for continuing my sketching practice as well as keeping me on track mentally. By zoning in on the positive things , objects, people, animals, and activities I built up some resilience and quite a decent following.

The past 11 years have seen some massive changes in my life but I have managed to blog on and off. Now in 2023 I am in a much better place, despite the emotional fallout and drop in confidence that still plagues me at times.

I want to refocus on the good . I have been very very lucky and I feel as if I have been protected and looked after throughout the massive changes I have made in my life. I will be attempting to blog daily keeping to the format of a small sketchbook with three drawings. Please feel free to join me on my journey into a new positive year.

  • My gorgeous Calathea plant with its vivid green spotted leaves with purple underbellies. Love it. So great to draw.
  • I have been looking at felting in 2d onto pieces of jute fabric. The first attempts have been quite successful so I am looking forward to doing more in 23
  • A room scent given to me for Xmas by a dear friend that smells completely divine .

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