Ttiagratefulft: 11.1.23

  • Last night I remembered a visualisation tool to help get rid of unwanted thoughts. I have been plagued with obsessive thinking recently and nothing I have tried has worked to stop the rising levels of anxiety, sadness and anger that they bring . But …last night I tried a technique that I’d forgotten about. As my obsessive thoughts came to me I visualised capturing them as they appeared in a speech bubble and watched them rise up away from me and then pop and be gone! It worked . Consequently I got an unbroken nights sleep . I continued to do this through the day when unwanted thoughts appeared and it has helped. Now i have to keep this going and keep returning to my calm place. Long may it last …
  • This morning myself and a colleague led a successful recovery training session and I was aware of how my madly wired brain functions when it is trained on positive stuff… It is great…it makes patterns and connections between things that matter ….when it is not trained on something positive and creative it can easily default to negative rabbit hole thinking . It’s all just part of the same thing.
  • Flat whites ….i am addicted… i had three.

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