Ttiagratefulft: 4.1.23

  • I received a lovely gift for Christmas. It was a rock painting kit. This example design cannot be credited to me but I thoroughly enjoyed layering the colours and using the metallic paints. It was a long process as the paints were very opaque and it needed about 4 or 5 layers. I think this was good though because it kept my ‘busy’ mind focused for a good few hours. I love fishes too.
  • I have painted some quick birdies. They are so close to my heart. The world would be awful without birds. The pheasant is just so colourful and full of character. There are loads of them around here .
  • The Heron was painted a while ago. Sometimes I go to the river with a coffee and fag , sit in the car and ruminate! This day a beautiful Heron appeared and I was able to watch out for some time. Gorgeous !!

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